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Why use reclaimed paper?

Resketch book - stacked

We think it's tragic when paper that's otherwise perfectly fine to use is tossed in the garbage, or even the recycling bin. Let's take that paper and create something awesome with it. Whether you're an illustrator, writer, artist, musician, designer, architect, or some other brilliant creative coming up with the next big thing, use Resketch books to capture your creativity, and do good in the process. It's as simple as that. What types of paper might you find inside?

  • Office paper (all sorts of colors)
  • Architectural plans and drawings
  • Dot matrix printer paper
  • Oddities too difficult to describe
  • Adhesive-backed paper
  • Graph and lined paper
  • Sheet music
  • Maps

Where does Resketch paper come from?

We get our paper from a variety of local and regional sources in the Chicago area. The fine folks who've provided us paper run the gamut of individuals, small businesses, government organizations, and large corporations. Places like print shops, architecture firms, law offices, artists, designers, random people who love Resketch, and many more. Here's a sampling of the companies who have provided paper to Resketch:



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Cover printing and book construction by Chicago companies: