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Creative Prompts™

Drawing is awesome, but sometimes you need a little help. Enter: Creative Prompts.

Best part? There are no rules. Do with these what you will. The point is for them to help you get over a creative block, or at the least give you a fun, visual diversion. Beyond that, all I ask is that you share your Prompts with the world. That way, we can all learn how others interpret such things, and, perhaps, make connections to like minds!

There are four categories of Creative Prompts: Building Character, Visually-minded, Wordplay, and InsideOut.

  • Building Character is all about character-based visual prompts. They’re fun and silly, and I hope you make them your own. Visually-minded is similar in spirit, but based on a wide, disparate assortment of things. No particular rhyme or reason, just items and random cues to help you out.

  • Wordplay is just that – play with words. Some are out of left field, others are closer to home, but all will help you use words to inform how you visualize things.

  • Finally, InsideOut is not a visual prompt, but is instead simple or profound words of creative wisdom from a wide variety of creative people. Some are painters, others drawers. Some are designers, others programmers, and so on...

I really like when creativity is open-ended. It excites me. But I also like when I have general parameters to help gently guide me through ideas. It helps me create characters and stories for Shawnimals and all of my other creative endeavors, not to mention product ideas like Resketch and these Creative Prompts. I truly hope you enjoy this collection, and that it’s creatively helpful.

Bonus: Download them for free over to the right.

Shawn Smith, Founder
Resketch LLC