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Fundamentally different

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Resketch products come in the form of dynamic yet humble sketchbooks, notepads, and other such paper products. All have a truly unique eco-friendly foundation that provides an open-ended playground for ideas of any kind.

As a company, Resketch reduces waste by diverting interesting, usable paper away from recycling centers and landfills and turns this variety of stocks into amazing sketchbooks and notepads – upcycled, if you will.

You won't find products like Resketch books anywhere else.

We believe strongly in the power of creativity in all of its forms, and that by using Resketch sketchbooks and notepads, you can do what you do best while doing good in the process.

A new way of sketching

Resketch sketchbooks and notepads are far from average. In fact, they're meant to turn traditional ideas about sketching, note-taking, and ideation on their head. With it’s random assortment of high-quality reclaimed paper and stock types found inside, you’ll be forced to react to a new surface page after page after page. Not just the usual, boring white paper pages.

Every sheet of paper has a story. Now tell yours.

Paper doesn’t grow on trees

There’s a lot of usable paper in the world, much of which goes to waste. Honestly, that’s just silly. Paper that’s perfectly good to use shouldn't go into a landfill, or even through a well-intentioned recycling process. Instead, let’s reuse it. Let’s make art with it. Let’s give it a new-found purpose. You’re helping do that right now, simply by doing what you love. Cool, right?

We will always need paper. Forever. So if you, someone you know, or a local business, government organization, or, really anyone has a good or great amount of paper, we want to know! Get in touch with me personally, or email paper@resketchbook.com

Sketch it forward

Here's where we want to be: when you buy a resketch book, you're also helping buy one for someone else*. Sketching it forward, so to speak. Forward to someone in an art class – initially in Chicago, and eventually other places – who doesn’t have enough money for the basic things we take for granted, let alone a sketchbook.

Let’s help spread sketching, drawing and creativity to as many people as possible. Who knows what untapped potential could be unlocked. Interested? We're currently accepting applications for this pilot program, which could include books free-of-charge or at substantial discounts.

About Shawn Smith

When he first thought of the resketch concept – over 5 years ago – creator of Resketch Shawn Smith could not have never imagined what it would become. Not only the physical sketchbook with its incredible variety of reclaimed stock types, but also the positive response from people around the world thanks to two popular Kickstarter projects and another via the Kiva Zip platform. Shawn is best known as the creator of Shawnimals and Ninjatown. He loves to make things – plain and simple – especially things in the realm of art and design.

You made this possible

Now, thanks to you, the sky’s the limit. Enjoy Resketch, always stay creative, and please spread the word!

Shawn Smith, Founder
Resketch LLC


More background via the Kickstarter video

 * We are in the process of developing a program where we set aside a portion of our profits to create additional resketch books for low-income, at-risk art students in schools across Chicago and beyond. We are excited and hopeful, but we also want to make sure such a program is sustainable and useful.