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Good news! Resketch in Stores

We'd love Resketch to be in stores! So if you're a store owner or buyer, or have a store in mind, get in touch via sales@resketch.org! Or send em to this link: http://resketch.org/pages/wholesale-inquiry

Anywhere in world is just dandy, and even easier if they're in the US or especially Chicago. Bonus: If you refer a store and they place an order of $100 or more, we'll ship a Resketch book to you!


Paper Chase: Indiana Office Paper Haul

Our Paper Chaser Andy scored an awesome haul over in Indiana about an hour from Chicago not too long ago thanks to some digging and a little Craigslist! 154 reams of white, new-in-package office copy paper. That's easily over 700 lbs of paper. Pretty crazy, right? We don't know the entire story of why there was so much paper hanging around, but likely a business shutting down or some other parting of ways with business life.

Fairly boring drive from Chicago to Indiana, honestly. But he did run into some weird stuff: The remnants of a tire fire, smoke billowing...

Newly acquired: paper tonnage

So what does it really mean when we talk about paper being diverted from landfills and recycling centers? It can get complicated since recycling is a huge industry that processes a ridiculous amount of paper, and the (very smart) folks who are at the forefront of the movement / industry have a slew of acronyms behind their names. For our purposes, however, we like to keep things simple. For you, and for us!

Let's look at it this way: The first run of Resketch books was around 2,000 units. Using that as a jumping off point, let's do some math...


A simple welcome message for you

Hard to believe it's here! The Kickstarter project was amazing and incredibly humbling, but, of course, it was also a massive undertaking. Certainly I couldn't have done it without the Kickstarter backers, but I also couldn't have done it without a long list of friends who offered help time and again. Whether prior to the project launching, during, or after when the extra-hard work began, I am so, so thankful for every little (and big) bit of help along the way.

Now Resketch is here! Available for purchase as single books, or in Read the article