Note: we are still selling and shipping Resketch books at this time. Thank you for your support!


BOOST Finalist

I'm proud to report that Resketch is once again a finalist for the BOOST grant from Delta Emerging Leaders! This means Resketch is eligible for a grant up to $4000 to continue the good work it is doing in diverting paper from the waste stream and turning it into amazing journals and sketchbooks.

Resketch at Pitchfork Music Fest!

Resketch at Pitchfork Music Fest!

Hey folks, if you're attending Pitchfork Music Fest in Chicago this weekend, July 15 - 17 we have the best news: Resketch will be available at the Coterie Market! We hope you can swing by to say hello and check out all three sizes of Resketch on display.

Whether you're an artist, designer, writer, note taker, or idea maker, eco-friendly Resketch books have you covered. Curious who else is selling? Hope to see you this weekend!

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Like savings? Black Ink Friday deals

I’m not totally into the whole Black Friday craziness (did the shopping thing one time many years ago, and vowed to never do it again).

But then again, there is a good side to it: you have been incredibly supportive of Resketch, and I know that the more books we sell, the more good we can do.

So to say thanks to YOU, I’m doing another Black Ink Friday deal this Friday, and extending the savings throughout the weekend. Use them on our new Resketch Minis, or a standard 7 x 9-inch edition, or… what’s this? A new size we’re testing? That’s right… a 4.5 x...

Alert: Resketch Minis available now!

Now that the Kickstarter project is funded, and books have shipped, Resketch Minis are available now! Thank you for your support of the project, and please do spread the word about this truly unique notepad. Offices, design firms, studios, and many other places will be amazed by this eco-friendly, highly-creative choice.

Resketch Mini

Resketch Mini now on Kickstarter

I'm excited to announce that I just launched a new project on Kickstarter for Resketch Mini: a new take on the pocket-sized, straightforward version of Resketch, perfect for quick sketches, ideas, notes, grocery lists and more.

You might remember that I did a test run of these awhile back, and got some awesome feedback from you and many others, and am excited about making this new run even better.

I hope you'll take a look, and spread the word via email, and particularly on social media like Twitter and Facebook. It would mean the world...