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Price Changes and Permanent Savings

Hi friends, hope you're having a lovely week. I have some exciting news to share – the savings kind of news. And more than some intense, consumption-based sale, I've gone and permanently lowered the price of all Resketch products effective immediately.

Here's how it breaks down:

Free Resketch Mini for the holidays

To say thanks for your support and making 2016 an amazing year for Resketch, I'm offering a FREE Resketch Mini with every purchase of $25 or higher from now through the end of the year.

It's easy. All you have to do is...

  1. Shop as you'd like here, making sure to spend at least $25
  2. Add a single Resketch Mini to your cart
  3. Use the code BIGMINITHANKS when checking out
  4. I'll have a Resketch Mini added to your order free of charge!

Thanks again!


Resketch Journal on Kickstarter

Resketch Journal on Kickstarter

As you may have seen, I produced a test run of a new size called Resketch Journal, and the feedback was fantastic. Today, I launched my third Resketch Kickstarter Project for Resketch Journal, and I hope you take a look.

As with all Resketch notepads and sketchbooks, Journal is entirely filled with reclaimed paper. Reclaimed paper doesn't go through a recycling process, and is instead found as is, always free of dirt / otherwise pristine condition, trimmed down, and reused. As such, it's the most eco-friendly option available (and what makes Resketch so unique).

BOOST Finalist

I'm proud to report that Resketch is once again a finalist for the BOOST grant from Delta Emerging Leaders! This means Resketch is eligible for a grant up to $4000 to continue the good work it is doing in diverting paper from the waste stream and turning it into amazing journals and sketchbooks.

Resketch at Pitchfork Music Fest!

Resketch at Pitchfork Music Fest!

Hey folks, if you're attending Pitchfork Music Fest in Chicago this weekend, July 15 - 17 we have the best news: Resketch will be available at the Coterie Market! We hope you can swing by to say hello and check out all three sizes of Resketch on display.

Whether you're an artist, designer, writer, note taker, or idea maker, eco-friendly Resketch books have you covered. Curious who else is selling? Hope to see you this weekend!

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