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Resketch Note on Kickstarter now!

I wanted to send along a note about my newest Resketch product that's on Kickstarter right now – it's called Resketch Note.

It's a 1.5-inch pad of 3 x 3-inch reclaimed paper, made of all different kinds of paper – easy and useful. And best of all, the most eco-friendly choice with 100% reclaimed paper. Certainly not rocket science, but it's definitely eco-conscious!

You can watch the video and read all about it here:

Resketch Note is made up of a lot of cut-offs and other stock that was too small for my other Resketch products, some going back to when the project started in 2013! Since then Resketch has diverted over 12,000 lbs of paper from landfills and recycling centers – and for better or worse I've touched every pound of that paper.
If you're into the project and the eco-friendly concept, please do share it far and wide.

Thanks as always,
Shawn Smith, Founder

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