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Resketch Journal on Kickstarter

As you may have seen, I produced a test run of a new size called Resketch Journal, and the feedback was fantastic. Today, I launched my third Resketch Kickstarter Project for Resketch Journal, and I hope you take a look.

As with all Resketch notepads and sketchbooks, Journal is entirely filled with reclaimed paper. Reclaimed paper doesn't go through a recycling process, and is instead found as is, always free of dirt / otherwise pristine condition, trimmed down, and reused. As such, it's the most eco-friendly option available (and what makes Resketch so unique).

Resketch Journal

However, Resketch Journal doesn't include the wide variety of paper the larger books do. Instead, it's primarily blank and lined to ensure it's useful for quick ideas, doodles, and lists. No crazy textures, or so on. It's also saddle-stitched instead of coil-bound, so it fits in your pocket nice and easy.

I've also worked with some awesome artists for special covers! I have Jon Burgerman, Camilla d'Errico, Jay Ryan, Jana Kinsman (and myself) with covers. Take a peek!

Resketch Journal Artist Covers

Thanks for your support since 2013, and I hope you’re as excited about Resketch Journal as I am. Please spread the word.

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