Note: we are still selling and shipping Resketch books at this time. Thank you for your support!

Like savings? Black Ink Friday deals

I’m not totally into the whole Black Friday craziness (did the shopping thing one time many years ago, and vowed to never do it again).

But then again, there is a good side to it: you have been incredibly supportive of Resketch, and I know that the more books we sell, the more good we can do.

So to say thanks to YOU, I’m doing another Black Ink Friday deal this Friday, and extending the savings throughout the weekend. Use them on our new Resketch Minis, or a standard 7 x 9-inch edition, or… what’s this? A new size we’re testing? That’s right… a 4.5 x 7-inch top-coil-bound pad (released on Friday)!

Starting at 8am Central, the following codes will be activated at

  • BLACKINK1525 - 25% off all purchases on Friday only (until midnight)
  • BLACKINK1510 - 10% off all purchases all weekend!

Thank you for your support, and please do spread the word about this promotion.


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