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Resketch Mini now on Kickstarter

I'm excited to announce that I just launched a new project on Kickstarter for Resketch Mini: a new take on the pocket-sized, straightforward version of Resketch, perfect for quick sketches, ideas, notes, grocery lists and more.

You might remember that I did a test run of these awhile back, and got some awesome feedback from you and many others, and am excited about making this new run even better.

I hope you'll take a look, and spread the word via email, and particularly on social media like Twitter and Facebook. It would mean the world to me. Here's the link...


Cooler still, the Resketch Mini project is part of a curated set of projects by SEED Chicago curated and promoted by an awesome organization called Accion along with World Business Chicago, and the City of Chicago all of whom do great things for small businesses. Read about SEED Chicago and the current crop of projects here: https://www.kickstarter.com/pages/seedchicago

A lot has happened since the original project, and I’m proud what I’ve been able to accomplish and flattered by the tremendous amount of help from so many friends, customers, backers, stores, and many others. Thank you!

And while selling and shipping things is a lot of fun, what’s more important is sparking the creative process and doing good by using reclaimed paper. In fact, Resketch has diverted some 8,000 lbs of paper from landfills and recycling centers!

Looking forward, I've also been able to get production costs down by streamlining the process and product, and we're closer than ever to having a one for one-style product. That means for every larger Resketch book sold, one can be put into a pool to then be donated to art classes to students in need. In fact, we have over 100 books waiting for this right now! If you know of a class or two in need, please do let me know.

Thanks for your continued support, and for spreading the word.

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