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Word up: from reuse to reclaim, and why

Anyone who has ever made anything knows how it goes: You have an idea in your head, you sketch it out, take notes, think it through time and again, and eventually you have a solid prototype and/or intimate knowledge of the thing you're creating. It's the nature of the process, ideally. Resketch is no different.

Evolution Occurs

It's evolved a lot from the early days, and continues to do so. This time, with a word that's associated with the company / product logo itself: Reuse. Certainly people know it. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. It's just a thing you do. Then I saw reclaimed and something clicked.

I've seen and used the word reclaimed before, and I can't really tell you why I hadn't considered it for Resketch earlier. Perhaps because it's so often associated with building materials like wood, flooring, and other such items. Whatever the reason, I liked the sound of it for Resketch. More of a liberation of materials, rather than simply reusing them. Active versus passive. But I don't like brainstorming in a vacuum.

Twitter and Facebook

So I went to the internet, like any smart business person does, and asked my network. Reclaimed was a resounding YES. The problem with reused – it would seem – is the pesky connotation of dirty or trash. I don't see that, but the masses spoke. Surprisingly, repurposed popped up a few times, too. I like that word, but not as much as reclaimed.

15,300 vs 94,800

Granted, Google search results aren't the end-all, be-all in decision making, but it is telling. Reused paper generates just over 15,000 results, whereas Reclaimed paper generates nearly 95,000. This coupled with the survey makes my decision easy.

So there you have it: The change from reused to reclaimed. May not change the logo, but instances of reused anywhere else will be changed in the coming days.

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