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Newly acquired: paper tonnage

So what does it really mean when we talk about paper being diverted from landfills and recycling centers? It can get complicated since recycling is a huge industry that processes a ridiculous amount of paper, and the (very smart) folks who are at the forefront of the movement / industry have a slew of acronyms behind their names. For our purposes, however, we like to keep things simple. For you, and for us!

Let's look at it this way: The first run of Resketch books was around 2,000 units. Using that as a jumping off point, let's do some math...

  • Each Resketch book is approximately 19 ounces (1 lb 3 oz)
  • Take away the front and back cover, the coil binding, and the Creative Prompt pages and you're left with roughly 14 ounces
  • Since there's a bit of wiggle room weight-wise, for the sake of argument, let's say each Resketch book includes 1 lb of reused paper
  • You get where we're going: 2,000 lbs of paper in the initial run alone! That's 1 ton.

Since then we've accumulated at least another 2 tons of paper. While that's a lot of weight, it's also interesting and startling to think about the number of sheets we're talking about here. If each Resketch book is around 80 to 100 sheets, let's say 90 is the average. Taking away the Creative Prompts, we're left with 80 sheets or so. That's 160,000 sheets of paper in the first run alone!

Here's what we know: There's A LOT of usable, interesting paper out there. Now it's just a matter of finding it before it's thrown away or recycled, and, of course, keep selling books to nice people like you! Order your Resketch book today:

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