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Paper Chase: Indiana Office Paper Haul

Our Paper Chaser Andy scored an awesome haul over in Indiana about an hour from Chicago not too long ago thanks to some digging and a little Craigslist! 154 reams of white, new-in-package office copy paper. That's easily over 700 lbs of paper. Pretty crazy, right? We don't know the entire story of why there was so much paper hanging around, but likely a business shutting down or some other parting of ways with business life.

Fairly boring drive from Chicago to Indiana, honestly. But he did run into some weird stuff: The remnants of a tire fire, smoke billowing from the ground for no particular reason, and a creepy statue in front of a defunct restaurant. Andy also grabbed some Indiana's finest on the way back

More important, he saved it from an untimely death, and now it'll be included in upcoming Resketch books. Here's a few shots from the trip and back from Andy...


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